🏴‍☠️Crypto Raiders integrates with Loot to bring separate blockchain projects into one game

published on 20 September 2021

✍️ @themikesteez

To help me tell this story, I’d like to introduce you to two characters…


These are my two NFTs for the RPG dungeon-crawler game Crypto Raiders (the NFTs live on the Ethereum mainnet as ERC-1155 tokens, while the game itself lives on L2 Polygon / MATIC).

Cute huh?

No, NOT cute.

These little fuckers are cold-blooded, bonafide killers, ya dig?

I’ve played 6 missions each, and so far, they’re still alive, which means I can keep playing.

In Crypto Raiders, if your NFT character gets killed, it experiences permadeath and ends up like this:

dead raider-1jahf

Dead Raiders can’t be used anymore, which means:

  • You lose your initial investment in that NFT (I see some of these dead Raiders listed for sale, but I doubt anyone’s buying them)
  • You can’t play the game unless you buy a new character (which is why I got 2)

This element of potentially losing my character (along with the money + time I’ve invested) adds an extra dimension to my gaming experience.

Whenever my little guy or gal explores the game’s dungeons, you’ll find me with muscles tensed and jaw clenched because I never know when something might pop up and kill them.

It’s similar to the feeling of watching a thriller, but more intense because I actually have something at stake.

I discovered this game when I saw the dev team’s blog post about integrating Crypto Raiders with the Loot project to offer Loot items as dungeon rewards.

While the details “are still in the works”, the simple version is this (subject to change):

  • When players decide to raid a special LOOT Dungeon, loot will be randomly dropped and awarded to a player
  • Whenever a piece of loot drops, the holder of the Loot bag from which it came gets paid a reward in $AURUM (Crypto Raiders’ in-game currency)

If you’re unfamiliar with Loot, it’s an NFT project of “randomized adventurer gear” created by Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman.

But instead of 3D renders or cartoon sketches of this “adventurer gear”, Loot is simply a text description of the gear.

This is what a Loot NFT looks like:


Yup, that’s literally it. 

And before you roll your eyes, keep in mind that Loot generated $46 million in sales.

hold up-cwhgq

Here’s the thing – the visual representation of this NFT (text descriptions of items) isn’t what matters.

What matters is the potential these Loot items represent.

It basically sets the foundation for people to build on top of...which is exactly what Crypto Raiders is doing by integrating Loot into the game.

It’s an example of one blockchain project integrating elements of a separate blockchain project to create a totally new experience.

Here’s what the Crypto Raiders head of growth tweeted about it:

While I'm not a Loot holder, I'm pretty freaking excited to see where both projects go.

To learn more about Loot and see some of the derivative projects that have already popped up, tap here.

To learn more about Crypto Raiders, tap here.

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