🔬A deep dive into the blockchain gaming industry

published on 20 September 2021

✍️ @themikesteez

This one’s for the investors, game devs, and anyone with a SERIOUS interest in the blockchain gaming space.

Top video game academic Joost Van Dreunen has blessed us with an extremely insightful look at the state of the blockchain gaming industry.


  • Blockchain games are the literal playground on which new and old game companies experiment, socialize, and discover the design rules of this novel technology.
  • Talent — not capital or technology — will be the primary bottleneck 
  • Blockchain gaming companies are more likely to find success by catering to the existing games audience.
  • Sustainable user acquisition centers on education and the removal of friction. 
  • Gamers are among the earliest adopters in gaming and tend to be disproportionately tech-savvy
  • The popularization of crypto gaming depends on how it fares on mobile, which, in turn, means that unless the incumbent mobile game publishers embrace crypto any newcomers will face an uphill battle in terms of user acquisition and market access.
  • For NFT-based crowdfunding to reach its potential it will need to attract non-endemic, generalist investors and mainstream consumers
  • Overall, incumbent digital store fronts and platforms are likely to be slow adopters…[which] leaves the field open to innovators that seek to push the limits on specific platforms, pricing, or content.
  • Barriers to entry remain high: users confront a clumsy multi-step process to create a game account, set up a specific wallet to buy crypto, and return to a game to start playing.

Read the full report here.

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