🍏The Entire Crypto World Wins in Apple Case

published on 22 September 2021

✍️ @themikesteez

I first heard about the Epic vs. Apple case from my sister, who told me that my nephew was freaking out that he wouldn’t be able to keep playing Fortnite on his iPad.

I dgaf because I don’t play Fortnite (my vice of choice is Call of Duty: Mobile).

But the case popped back up on my radar when I heard about the ruling.

On the one hand, the judge ordered Epic to pay Apple revenue commissions as back payment.

But on the other, she also ruled that Apple CAN’T “keep developers from directing customers to alternative payment methods outside its App Store, citing California competition laws.”

Here’s the actual ruling, which I got from Fred Wilson’s blog post about the case:


Read that again, because it’s huge for mobile gaming and for crypto specifically.

This means Apple can’t block apps (or games) from using crypto payment networks.

If more non-blockchain games start introducing crypto payment options, we could see another vector for crypto adoption in the mainstream.

This is a MASSIVE win for crypto.


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