Crypto GameBites Disclosures

Positions held by the CGB team (meaning Michael, since I'm the CGB team for now).

So here's a big surprise: 

I hold positions in crypto assets 😲

Because of that, I want to be transparent about my major holdings with my readers. I say "major" because I definitely have small amounts in various shitcoins that I've already lost track of. 

The truth is I aped into some of these so 🤷‍♂️

Here are my crypto holdings, in alphabetical order:

  • ADA
  • BNB
  • BTC
  • DOGE
  • ENJ
  • ETH
  • MANA
  • VET

Here's my little NFT collection:

I have some NFTs on the Wax and Solana blockchains, so I guess I'll upload those at some point.

I'm also a proud member of the Recess community, which is full of really smart and funny giga brains who give me a ton of alpha.